Bringing Cottage Interior Design to Your City Loft

If you are sick of seeing skyscrapers from your windows ad all your friends have contemporary furniture with straight lines and geometric shapes, perhaps cottage interior design is what you are looking for. It will look really different in an urban setting, but if unusual is what you’re after, cottage interior design is a great way to go with decorating your high rise space.

Imagine your friends surprise when they exit the ultra modern elevator to see big floral prints, comfy couches, plaid printed drapery and farmhouse like furniture. They will be taken aback for a while and then will love coming over to escape the hustle bustle of the city to retreat in to your peaceful enclave.


Opt for warm colors to brighten your space such as deep red, sunny yellow, deep green and vanilla. Imagine a cottage interior design or look one up in magazines and websites. See which colors appeal to you and grab them at your local hardware store. With a few rollers and tape, you’re off to a good start transforming your bland grey or white walls to an inviting color instead


Instead of circles, lines and abstract designs in fabrics used as drapery, slip covers and other upholstery, opt for florals, big and small, plaid and stripes. You could break the monotony of flowers if you like with solids here and there but stay in the same color family.


Don’t go out and buy expensive cottage interior design inspired pieces for a lot of money. Hand me downs, flea markets, garage sales and estate sale sin the countryside are perfect places to find perfect furniture for your new space. As long as it is clean and in good condition otherwise, pick it up and bring it to your city apartment. You might get a few stares in the upscale lobby of your building, but no one knows what you’re really up to


Flowers, real and fake, vases, paintings, candles, cane and bamboo baskets and the like are just the beginning of dressing up your cottage interior design in your home. Again, you need not buy all new stuff. Your parents or grandparents might be only too happy to hand down some pieces. So you get an heirloom and an accessory or piece of furniture at the same time! There are no wrongs and rights in cottage interior design, have fun and make guests want to stay longer in the countryside.


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