History Of Interior Design: From Unknown Beginnings To Rapid Changes In The Modern Era

Nobody really knows for sure how the history of interior design first began though you can easily imagine that the rich and wealthy right through the annals of history has always wanted their homes well decorated and filled with exotic furniture. In fact, if you just look at the homes of Egyptians from the very earliest time of their civilization, you would be struck with the type of furnishings they used and even the ceilings as well as columns were very elaborate, which only shows that the history of interior design goes a long way back in time.

Even Romans from their very earliest days were used to planning their homes with great care and that meant having designs that took into account the purpose for which the home was to be used and also for the type of view it gave of the outside world. Thus, the history of interior design can easily be said to have been influenced by the Egyptians and also Romans who used wall decorations, accessories as also furniture to decorate the homes and which required a great deal of artistic skill to execute as well.

The Italian Renaissance

However, history of interior design as is known to us today can actually be said to date to the time of the Italian Renaissance and it was common to see palaces of those times ornately decorated and where luxury was a theme most used that meant incorporating carpets from the Orient, draperies made from velvet and mirrors that had intricate designs as well as some art works. Later, in the seventeenth as well as eighteenth centuries, there was more splendid work done, and the history of interior design seemed to have even affected the French; so much so, that French monarchs and queens lent their names to items of decorations as well as to furniture pieces, which still survive till today.

Following the Industrial Revolution, one noticed that the history of interior design started to become available to the middle level income earners and no longer was it only something that the rich and noble could indulge in. The printing of magazines with latest styles in interior design allowed everyone to taste the cake so to speak and there were much more bright ideas in decorating homes as well as in furnishing that became readily available to ordinary people as well, all of which resulted in a blossoming of the interior design industry.

Then, after this period, the history of interior design showed the influence of big name home decorators who made profits by purchasing at wholesale rates and charging people a fee for their services, and when you come to think about it, today, one can easily notice the many evolutionary trends that have swayed the thinking of interior decorators which has seen the history of interior design undergoing constant change and there is more of the same that one may expect of it in the future as well.


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