How Interior Design Can be a Stress-Reducer

  You have a stressful job, and as such you have let the look of your home become outdated. You love having family and friends over in your free time, but the appearance of your home puts a bit of a damper on the overall atmosphere. You simply have not had enough time to do proper interior design, and you are stressed out just thinking about it. However, you might be surprised to find out that interior design can actually reduce stress!

Make a Stress-Relieving Change!

You might balk at the idea of interior design being something that can actually reduce the extreme stress you have been experiencing. The idea of choosing new furniture, new room colors, and new overall interior design schemes seems overwhelming to you. Really, interior design is only as difficult as you make it. So, change your mindset, and discover the fun aspects of interior design!

If you think you do not have enough time to plan the interior design of your home, you actually do. For example, you have time to check your e-mail, so why not take some time to check out the many websites that are available for home design ideas? If you see particular looks that you like, be sure to bookmark the site and create a folder for all of the design ideas.

In order to reduce stress, the next thing that you need to think about is the room that requires the most design. This way, you can transform the room that needs it the most, and get what could be the most stressful aspect of design out of the way. However, even this project can be one that, if you take your time, will be enjoyable.

Start by sorting through everything that is in the room. Make three piles: one for the things that you know you do not want anymore, one for the things that you are not sure about, and a third pile for the things that you know you want to keep. Throw out the unwanted things or donate them to charity. Then go through the “not sure” pile and make a definite decision one way or the other. The things in the third pile be sure to store in an area of the home that is out of the way of the decorating.

Now that the room is completely clean, you can focus first on the walls. When it comes to wallpaper or paint, choose paint. Painting is itself a very therapeutic activity, so just take your time. As for the color, the selection will not be too difficult. Be sure to choose a color that you know will work well with a variety of decorations.’

Above all, just take one piece of the design process at a time, and use it as a productive hobby. Do not set a definite schedule of “this has to be done now” because that would result in more stress! Keeping that in mind, enjoy the decorating process, and get rid of that stress!


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